Monday, October 17, at 7:30 P.M.


Oleanna“He said, She said” – a lawyer will define this term as any situation when there are only two people who really know what happened, and one of them is testifying against you. What do you do to defend yourself? Does the other person’s story make sense, does it ring true – even if it isn’t true? You have to prove motive, make the victim out to be a liar, the bad guy…or gal.

In Mamet’s story, John is a college professor having a good day. He’s about to buy a new house and he’s about to be awarded tenure, which basically means permanent job security. Carol is a student of his who wants a better grade, even if she doesn’t necessarily deserve it. They meet in his office to talk about it, and the next thing John knows he’s under investigation with a big, black cloud of sexual harassment accusations hanging over his head. They meet again to resolve the “issue,” and the black cloud now has thunder, lightning and a hail of new offenses.

Mamet has said he was inspired by the 1991 Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas controversy when Professor Hill accused the new Supreme Court nominee of sexual harassment. Hill had worked for Thomas in a government agency, and claimed he had said many inappropriate things, all of which he denied. Classic He said/She said. The Senate voted to approve his nomination – by a less than overwhelming 52-48. Was it political correctness, tabloid media frenzy, or just a lesson in how different men and women are when it comes down to a power struggle – maybe the underdog has the upper hand? Come judge for yourself.

“Mamet’s play Oleanna on stage was one of the most stimulating experiences I’ve had in a theatre. In two acts, he enraged the entire audience, the women in the first act, the men in the second.” ROGER EBERT

“Socratic dialogue gives way to a scorcher! The woods are burning and all of us get seared in the fire.” AMAZON

“Crackling, highly distilled dialogue unencumbered by literary frills, or phony theatrical ones – imagine eavesdropping on a primal struggle for power that turns into hand-to-hand combat.” NEW YORK TIMES

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All Carlsbad Playreaders events are held in the Schulman Auditorium at the Carlsbad City Library: 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011

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