Monday, August 17, at 7:30 P.M.

Mud Blue Sky

Mud Blue Sky*** This play contains adult language and situations

Welcome to Rosemont, Illinois, a cozy neighbor to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, and home to several 4-Star hotels – we won’t be visiting any of them. Instead, Mud Blue Sky takes place in a cut-rate motel where Beth and Sam, two “mature” flight attendants on a layover between shifts, rendezvous with Angie, a third attendant who’s just been laid-off. Added to the mix is Jonathan, a teenaged pot dealer in a fancy tuxedo, who is recovering from a train wreck of a prom night by delivering some pot to Beth, the oldest flight attendant whose back is painfully out-of-whack.

As four kindred souls just trying to make it through the night, they reveal their hopes and dreams – despite their present-day mediocre reality – and draw strength from their shared relationships… not unlike galley slaves finding humor in their plight. But, it’s not all misery loves company. As the onions peel with unexpected twists and turns, and a lot of laughs, there are flashes of brilliance, surprises and a great deal of humanity.

It seems the glamour of being a flight attendant has dimmed over the years, what with rude passengers, disgusting messes to clean up, and unpleasant surprises in the seatback pockets (“don’t ever put your hand in there!”), plus various other indignities such as unsettling job security. And Jonathan is full of boyish-man insecurity, with his hurt feelings and doubts about where to go in life, some for very good reason. All four of these characters find themselves on stand-by, hoping their situations will improve, some dreams will come true, and their lives will get an upgrade.

Maybe it helps that playwright Marisa Wegrzyn is from Wilmette, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and that her mother was a flight attendant. Wegrzyn, only 34, has written 10 plays in the last 8 years, and is working on commissions from Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago and the Yale Repertory Theatre. Her play Hickorydickory was awarded the Wasserstein Prize in 2009.

“This is what life is all about!” - L.A. REVIEWPLAYS.COM

“Joyous surprises…powerful laugh inducing comedy” - L.A. EXAMINER

“Quirky humor, eccentric people, sharp wit and a touch of mystery”

“Loneliness, regrets, friendship, humor…I’ll be more sympathetic to flight attendants in the future”

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